As a new gourmet food truck, we get asked a lot of questions. This section is dedicated to answering some of the more commonly-asked questions we’ve encountered while on the road. If you have a question that isn’t answered on here, please e-mail us at hello@wafflesdeliege.com and we will include it.

1. What is a Liege waffle?
The Liege waffle originated from Liege, Belgium, and is one of two types of Belgian waffles (the other one is the Brussels waffle). Unlike its Brussels counterpart, Liege waffles are made from a rich, yeast-laden dough. They also incorporate large pieces of Belgian pearl sugar, which are mixed into the dough. When cooked, the pearl sugar caramelizes and is what gives Liege waffles its signature taste and texture.

2. What is Speculoos?
Speculoos is a Belgian biscuit spread that has a peanut-butter consistency. Based off the Speculaas shortcrust biscuit, it is immensely popular in Europe and is very often enjoyed on Liege waffles. A Liege waffle with Speculoos is an absolute must-try if it’s your first time visiting our establishment. We highly suggest our Speculoos Special, which is a Liege waffle with Speculoos and fresh bananas. Try it crunchy too (traditional Speculoos mixed with biscuit crumbs)!

3. What is Fosselman’s Ice Cream?
Fosselman’s Ice Cream is a local ice-cream shop based out of Alhambra, CA. Before the start of Waffles de Liege, co-founders George Wu and Lawrence Tai were loyal customers who frequented the establishment during the many hot, sunny days that Southern California is known for. When the waffle truck was completed and an ice-cream source was needed to compliment our Liege waffles, Fosselman’s was the unanimous choice. Their traditional flavors and quality approach to ice cream were perfectly in-tune with the values behind Waffles de Liege.

Personal favorites and recommendations from the Waffles de Liege team are Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry by George, French Vanilla Bean by Lawrence, and Banana Heath by AJ. Try a scoop (or two) on your waffle and share your experience with us!

4. Do you guys do private events? If so, how do I go about reserving your truck?
Yes, we do full catering. To get in touch with us, please e-mail us at catering@wafflesdeliege.com. We book a lot of events in advance so please let us know at least 48-hours before your event date so that we may accommodate your requests and provide the best service.

5. Where do you guys frequent?
We have both LA and Orange County health permits so we frequent both counties. On occasion, we will also visit the Inland Empire for special events. As a dessert truck, we do not do as many lunch shifts as other food trucks. However, we do take into consideration specific location requests for lunch. You can find us at most food truck festivals, as well as common food truck gathering spots both in LA and Orange County. And of course, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the most up-to-date location details.