Waffles de Liege

Waffles de Liege

It was late September and things weren’t going so well as our most recent truck idea was no longer viable due to lack of funding from banks. Still, Lawrence and I were resolute on doing something special within the food truck community so we spent days brainstorming our next move.

During our talks, we agreed that if we were to apply for another business loan, the most important step would be to reduce the loan amount. Basically, our next truck idea had to be less equipment-intensive so that we could apply for a lower loan amount.

That’s when I brought up waffles. I wasn’t specific with what type of waffle, just that it would be an ideal option since, at the time, I thought a waffle truck would cost less than our previous venture. We both thought it was a good step in the right direction. After some research, Lawrence brought up liege waffles, a very unique waffle style that’s prominent in Europe but not as popular in the states. After looking at pictures online and reading more about them, we both loved the idea and decided to move forward with it. We spent a lot of time researching equipment and all associated costs that would come from a waffle truck. It’s funny because after a few meetings with our truck manufacturer, the cost of the truck ended up being higher than our previous truck idea.

Well at the end, final costs didn’t matter because we both loved the idea so much that we decided we had to turn it into reality. As a matter of fact, we were so excited with the idea that we plopped down the funds before we even perfected our liege waffle recipe!

Which brings us to today. This morning, we submitted our waffle truck plans to the city and began the elementary stages of construction. And starting tomorrow, we’re going to be working in the kitchen and continue researching and testing our waffle dough until it’s exactly how we want it. Right now, we know the basics of what makes a liege waffle. However, we are going to experiment with the ingredients as well as how much of each ingredient to use. We are also going to look into different ways of cooking the waffle dough to maximize the taste and texture in our liege waffles.

We’ll do our best to keep you guys posted as we begin creating our very special liege waffle dough!

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