Pasadena loves their Liege waffles! A very BIG THANK YOU to all of our family, friends, and fans who visited us on our Grand Opening. For the longest time, the store was only filled with the sound of construction during the day and silence at... [+]

Waffles de Liege is coming to Old Pasadena!

After more than 3 years on the road, Waffles de Liege has found a more “permanent” parking spot for their delectable Liege waffles. It brings us great joy to announce that the Grand Opening of our first brick and mortar store, located at 21 E. Holly... [+]

A first look at our truck!

Today, we took some time off from working in the kitchen to drop by our “currently under construction” truck and snapped some photos to share with everyone. Although construction began in October, it didn’t “officially” start until November due to some minor changes we had... [+]

Waffles de Liege

It was late September and things weren’t going so well as our most recent truck idea was no longer viable due to lack of funding from banks. Still, Lawrence and I were resolute on doing something special within the food truck community so we spent... [+]